Air Drone Review

Air Drone Review

Today at Top Tech Gadgets Shop, we bring you our exclusive Explore Air Drone Review.

Explore Air Drone is a high-end air drone that has an in-built camera which can be used for aerial photography, vlogging or safety purposes.

Drones became really popular in a very short period of time, this is due to their ability to perform so many tasks that too so effortlessly.

They deliver instant support that saves a lot of time. They have been widely used all over the world by armies, police forces, firefighters and have helped them to save lives too.

The Explore Air Drone is one such efficient drone that can cover more area in a short duration, it can stay in the air for a longer period of time and can outperform other drones that are available in the market.

In this Explore Air Drone Review, we will discuss the performance, features, design, pricing, pros and cons of using Explore Air Drone. Know more about Explore Air Drone.

What Is Explore Air Drone?

Before we jump into our Explore Air Review, let me tell you more about this device.

Explore Air Drone is a high-quality drone that is efficient yet very affordable.

It’s quite amazing to see that even at this low price they haven’t compromised on its features or quality. It has been made affordable for people so that this gadget can reach out to as many people as it can.

The Explore Air Drone is capable of staying longer in the air, has a greater flight duration, the in-built camera gives you a top notch quality which makes this drone a really special gadget.

Explore Air Drone is a hot seller in countries like the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. The device is really popular in these countries and buyers are loving this gadget. Let’s get started with our Explore Air Drone Review.


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Get The Latest Air Drone Technology With Explore Air Drone

1. Vloggers, photographers and filmmakers

Vloggers, photographers and filmmakers across the world love Explore Air Drone, it helps them to shoot aerial videos in 4K HD resolution with greater stability which provides their viewers a vivid and eye pleasing experience.

2. Capture everything in HD quality

The built in camera in this drone helps you to shoot and capture your aerial shots in better picture quality. No more poor footage or poor picture quality. You can handle the drone with the use of the remote control easily. This remote control also gives you a sharp visual feedback on what the camera is looking at.

3. Is Explore Drone Complicated?

No, not at all. The drone is easy to fly, the controls are very simple. You can also use hand gestures to control the device.

To give a clearer picture of this device in this Explore Air Drone Review, I must now highlight some of its amazing features.


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Features Of Explore Air Drone

1. Smooth

Super smooth stability with an in-built Processor that gives you a premium performance.

2. Wide Angle

Shoot in ultra-Wide Angle Camera mode that gives you a 120 degree perspective.

3. Hand Gesture

Explore Air Drone comes with Hand Gesture sensors that make its usage convenient.

4. Easy To Use

It has a simple controller that makes Explore Air Drone easy to use. It also comes with a shock proof technology that adds up to its build quality. It can be controlled by the remote which can catch signals from a distance of about 100 meters.

5. Long Air Flight

Explore Air Drone can stay in the air for 18 Minutes in a single go. The maximum flight time with this gadget is more than the ordinary drones available in the market. The charging time is about 150 minutes.

6. 4K HD Recording

Explore Air Drone a 4K HD camera which allows you to shoot freely. Get more angles and make more eye pleasing content.

7. Optical Flow Feature

Optical flow positioning gives you more stability and free mobility at the same time.

8. Barometer

The Explore Air Drone has a built in barometer which allows you to adjust or limit the flying altitude or height of the drone from the ground so that it can fly at a fixed height.

9. Automatic gesture photography

The automatic gesture photography allows you to take photos from a far distance place with the help of hand movements or gestures. You can show a victory sign or keep your palm in front as gestures. Their functionalities have been explained briefly in the Explore Air Drone user manual.

10. Map Your Visual Route

Map your own path by drawing your route on the screen. The drone will follow the same route as drawn. This feature is most suited for filmmakers and cinematographers. The name of this feature is ‘path flying’.

11. Use MV App For Editing

Use the App to enhance, edit and tweak your photos or videos. You can beautify your footage or pictures from the app itself. It makes editing easier and makes the files shareable.

12. Gyroscope

Explore Air Drone has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope.

Uses And Benefits Of Using Explore Air Drone

  1. For Creators – Youtubers, content creators, vloggers, music video directors can use the Explore Air Drone. It is a really handy device for creators that are mentioned above. It is also used for security as well as entertainment purposes.
  2. For Learning – All budding video makers and photographers can use the Explore Air Drone as it can give them a good start. It will help them to ease the learning curve with camera work. This is best suited for young people who are interested in learning how drones work. It will give you a better hands on experience. The design is small and compact therefore it won’t take too much space in your closet and can be carried easily in your bag.
  3. For Weddings- Family Vacation and Holidays – It’s a great device to shoot and click pictures during a vacation or a trip. You can also use the device for family functions and parties that are in an outdoor environment. Avoid using a drone in closed place. The drone looks very cool and is made with premium quality materials.

Other Key Features Of Explore Air Drone That Makes It So Awesome

1. Trajectory Flight

This is an amazing feature of Explore Air Drone, I haven’t seen this feature on any other Camera Drone other than Explore Air Drone. You can easily map the path or trajectory of the camera, for this you can use the app. The Drone will go and fly as per the marked route in the app. This allows you to guide the camera according to your needs.

2. Portrait Follow

Explore Air Drone comes with a Portrait Follow mode with the help of which you can guide the camera of Explore Air Drone to track and trace the subject with the help of a simple swipe on your smartphone.

3. Dual Camera

Explore Air Drone comes with two 4K HD cameras to shoot videos or click HD photos in higher pixel quality. You can easily see and shoot from both cameras at the same time by splitting the screen, picture-in-picture or separately.

4. Smart Gesture Control

Explore air drone has Smart Gesture Control with help of which you can do gestures and give signals to your drone. For instance you can show a victory sign or keep your palm in front as gestures. Their functionalities have been explained briefly in the Explore air drone user manual.

5. 20 Minute Aerial Time

There are very few drones in the market that can stay in the air for this long. They are either very expensive or they are very difficult to use. Explore air drone is a drone that has an aerial flight time of 20 minutes. So you can shoot and record videos for 20 minutes non-stop without any interruption. As compared to other alternatives of the market, Explore air drone is much more affordable and efficient.

All Components Of Explore Air Drone

In this Explore Air Drone Review, along with the specifications and features of the gadget, I must also highlight the components that you’ll receive once you order your Explore air drone Package.

  1. 4 spare extra Propeller blades so that you can replace the blades if the drone experiences a crash landing.
  2. A bag to store all the parts and the drone safely. This will keep the parts and the Explore air drone free from dust and dirt.
  3. A screwdriver for assembling the parts and the blades of the Explore air drone.
  4. A USB Cord
  5. An English user manual that will have all the information as well as all kinds of details, do’s and don’ts
  6. A battery to power the remote controller.

All the components of Explore air drone are made with high quality materials. Also all the parts are lightweight and easy to carry which makes it portable for trips and vacations.

How To Use Explore Air Drone?

Let me explain to you how Explore air drone works.

  1. Explore air drone has some features that are unbelievable at this price point. I’ve reviewed many drones in the past that are cheap and also drones that are very expensive but such convenience, price and design is unseen.
  2. The Explore air drone can spin, rotrate, flip and take several loops in the sky. It can record videos and take pictures with your hand gestures. It can take stable high photos in the air without shaking or moving.
  3. The device is very simple to understand and easy to handle. You don’t need any prior knowledge of flying drones before buying this gadget.
  4. You have to charge the battery, and they will fly for a long duration of time in the air. You can use your hand gestures to control or command the drone.
  5. You can use hand gestures to click pictures and shoot videos. You can also attach your mobile to the controller of Explore air drone and monitor the flight of your drone.

Is Explore Air Drone better than other drones? Here Are The Pros And Cons

To give you much more clarity about the device, I think I must highlight the Pros and Cons of using Explore Air Drone in this Explore Air Drone Review, after which you can decide the best for yourself.


  • Explore Air Drone is the only drone that is so cost effective even when it has so many high-end features. The price is low and is highly affordable.
  • Best camera quality with a sturdy, tough built quality.
  • Explore Air Drone has a 120-degree wide-angle camera with the shockproof body.
  • Explore Air Drone can remain in air for 20 minutes approximately.


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Concluding Our Explore Air Drone Review

At the end I’ll definitely recommend you buying the Explore Air Drone especially if you have love for drones. This will be a perfect gift for budding youtubers, vloggers, videographers and photographers. It is definitely a deal to steal. Don’t wait, grab your Explore Air Drone now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Explore Air Drone legit?

Yes, Explore Air Drone is a very popular device that has been trusted by many people. It is available to buy on several online and offline stores. The Explore Air Drone is legit!

2. What are the customers saying about Explore Air Drone?

The Reviews that I have read about this product online are positive. People have been giving very positive reviews about this device. People are absolutely loving this device.

3. Is This Device affordable?

As compared to other market alternatives, the Explore Air Drone is a very affordable and cost effective camera drone that has all high end features.

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