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What is the Muama Ryoko?

The Muama Ryoko may be a portable router that you can take with you wherever you attend to ensure a genuine Internet connection. Since we will hardly do without them nowadays, the Muama Ryoko offers the proper conditions and security. It allows up to 10 devices to attach to the Wifi at an equivalent time. What’s more, Muama Ryoko incurs no additional costs to regulate and has one-touch Internet access in up to 38 countries worldwide.
The manufacturer promises that you can hook up with the web practically anywhere you’re without having to access the general public network.
It’s an excellent option that makes a mobile broadband hotspot connectivity without having a hard and fast line. It essentially transforms your 4G communication signals into personal Wifi. It is often wont to provide wireless internet access, especially in locations where a broadband connection is unavailable. Given its wireless nature, you’ll take it anywhere for usage and are not any longer tethered to your home to urge connected or suffer the slow internet connection speed publicly arenas.
Muama Ryoko Portable Router
While you’ll have 4G data allocation on your mobile, it’ll not last that long due to its short battery life. The Muama Ryoko is often used for up to 12 hours straight before you’ll get to recharge it. For many service providers, they even offer a far better deal for data than your mobile plan in terms of internet access, so your rates are going to be tons cheaper. If you’re the sort of person who features a mobile data plan and travels frequently, there’s tons of benefit in using Muama Ryoko 4G pocket wifi. It can function as your data connection backup, especially when your mobile network’s signal is MIA, which may happen very often. This way, you’ll still send each one too important email, which you would rather be unable to try to do so without a Muama Ryoko portable wireless router.

You can also connect as many as ten electronic devices to your Muama Ryoko router a bit as you’d together with your wired connection reception. the web is accessible for as long as you’re within 15 meters from the situation of your portable wifi router. With the Ryoko wifi router, you’ll connect your favorite Wifi-enabled devices and knowledge to the convenience of bringing your secured network connection in your pocket. With Muama Ryoko, there’s only fast and reliable 4G LTE internet everywhere you go.
It’s lightweight and little enough that it fits easily in your palm. It doesn’t add bulk to your pocket or bag. The manufacturer describes that you only need to make one set to urge internet access in 38 different countries with no problems.

Muama Ryoko Portable 4G Router Key Features

Muama Ryoko Key Featuresoffer
The manufacturer promises that you can hook up with the web practically anywhere you’re without having access to the general public network. the subsequent are the features of this tremendous portable router:

  1. One touch internet access
  2. Faster internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps
  3. Includes SIM card with 4G LTE coverage
  4. Secure internet connection
  5. The Muama Ryoko has an automatic power-off feature during idle times. It suggests you’ll optimize its battery life by keeping it on only where there are active users.
  6. It comes with a free FLEXIROAM X SIM card, which has an automatic 500MB data allocation once you start to use the sim. you’ll also insert any SIM card for this purpose
  7. Small and lightweight enough to suit in your pocket or bag
  8. It is often connected to using two simple methods: scanning the QR code and your mobile device. You’ll also connect by searching its network on your wifi settings.
  9. Battery can last up to 12 hours before charging.
  10. Can connect up to 10 wifi-enabled devices at an equivalent time for usage at a comparable fast internet speed. You’ll keep your friends and family online too.
  11. It works in additional than 38 countries around the world.
  12. Muama Ryoko comes with a 1year warranty.

How Muama Ryoko Works

  • Step 1: Download the FLEXIROAM X app on your phone. The app is compatible together with your Android and Apple phones
  • Step 2: Register and log in to the app. To verify your account, please open the link which you recieve. If clicking on the link doesn’t work, please copy it and add it to your browser. Your app should open again, and your account is going to be verified.
  • Step 3: Use the app function ‘Link Starter Pack’ and scan the barcode behind the Sim card. Your sim card is going to be activated, and you’ll receive 500 MB of data
  • Step 4: Insert the SIM card into the Muama Ryoko device and switch it on.
  • Step 5: to attach your mobile device to Muama Ryoko, press the WPS button on the right side of Muama Ryoko. Scan the QR code together with your mobile, and it’ll automatically hook up with the Muama Ryoko internet connection. OR open network settings on your mobile or computer. Choose the SSID name. Enter the password, which as KEY on the Muama Ryoko screen.
  • Step 6: you’ll manage your 4G hotspot through the online interface at The default username and password is admin

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: To which devices can Muama Ryoko Portable wifi be connected?
Answer: You can connect Muama Ryoko to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, pc, or maybe a smartwatch. Muama Ryoko can connect up to 10 devices directly.
Question: How do I modify the wifi name and password?

Answer: You’ll manage your 4G hotspot through the online interface at The default username and password is admin.
Question: What if my Muama Ryoko device stops working?

Answer: If the Muama Ryoko is on and, therefore, the internet isn’t working. Please proceed with the subsequent instructions:

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Checking the remaining mobile data balance on your Flexiroam app.
  3. Check if you’re not in no signal area.

Question: Is the router needed?

Answer:The WIFI router is compatible with all people that want to use their WIFI on the road. With the Muama Ryoko modem, you’re independent. You’ll always access a quick Internet.

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