ThePhotoStick Review: A Method To Secure All Your Photos And Videos

ThePhotoStick Review

Today at Top Tech Gadgets Shop, we bring you our exclusive ThePhotoStick Review.

How often do we feel that we run out of space on our smartphones and laptops? A lot of times! There are so many moments in our lives that we share and often capture with our loved ones.

It’s so often that we have to let them go from our devices due to lack of storage. We often have to delete those files containing pictures, lengthy footages or videos.

Is there a way to store everything? Is there a way to get rid of this issue? Definitely! Our team has discovered this amazing device named ThePhotoStick that helps you to store all kinds of pictures, videos and other files without compromising them.

With ThePhotoStick you can easily backup and save tons of pictures and videos on your smartphone or PC without any hassle or extra stress. Know More About ThePhotoStick Review.

Know More About ThePhotoStick Review

Before we jump into our ThePhotoStick Review. let me highlight some of the things.

It’s really sad when you lose out on your old memories that were once captured and saved. Loss of such information or files is basically because of too much burden on your hard drive or processor. But don’t worry, now you have this life saving device called ThePhotoStick.

ThePhotoStick is nothing but a simple and smart USB device that offers you the convenience of creating backup files so that you don’t have to delete your old videos or photos again and again. Not just that, it works similarly for other document files. ThePhotoStick works automatically and it’s very easy to operate.

ThePhotoStick not just works as a convenient file backup device but it also works as an organizer. Usually we have to manually search for duplicate or as well as other residual files and delete them one by one which is a very time consuming process.

With ThePhotoStick you can filter out duplicate files automatically which will allow you to free up storage space. It’s very simple to understand, very easy to operate as well as quick.

ThePhotoStick has three versions – 8 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. 8 GB can backup 3500 images and videos; 64 GB can backup 30,000 videos and images, while the 128 GB can achieve a maximum of 60,000 videos and images.
Let’s get started with our ThePhotoStick Review.

Features Of ThePhotoStick

It’ll be great to start our review with the amazing features of ThePhotoStick in this ThePhotoStick Review.

1. Quick And Instant

Earlier we had to manually organize or filter out files. It was really difficult and time consuming. This is a huge problem! ThePhotoStick is a great device in terms of how quick and instant it is. It works automatically! It has been developed in such a way that it has been engineered to work so efficiently.

2. Works On All Kinds Of Format

ThePhotoStick supports JPG, JPEG, MP3 or PNG media files. This small and compact device is capable of saving all kinds of files whether they are images or videos.

3. Easy File Backup

Yes there is cloud storage, but for that you have to create an account and have an internet connection to access the cloud from different accounts. With ThePhotoStick, you just need to insert this USB Device into your PC or Laptop USB driver and it will automatically start backing up the moment you press ‘GO’.

4. You Don’t Need A Wi-Fi Connection

As mentioned above, unlike cloud storage with ThePhotoStick you don’t need an internet connection. You can carry this device with yourself everywhere without having the stress of maintaining an internet connection. ThePhotoStick is just like your hard drive which is more portable, more versatile and efficient.

5. Easy To Operate

30-Day money-back guarantee & 1 Year Warranty — If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may quickly return it, hassle-free!

6. Compatible On All Sorts Of Devices

ThePhotoStick supports Windows, MAC, IOS And Android, it works on all devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.


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How Does ThePhotoStick Work?

To give you a clearer picture of this device in this ThePhotoStick Review, I must explain to you, how easy saving files with ThePhotoStick really is. Let me explain to you how this device works.

  1. ThePhotoStick takes only two simple steps to operate.
  2. First you need to plug it into an empty USB port of your PC, Laptop or Tablet. Then a dialogue box will automatically popup which will have a “Go” button, make sure you click on that and give ThePhotoStick to work
  3. ThePhotoStick works really fast. The quickness of ThePhotoStick also depends upon the number of files on your drive or PC. A full scan will take about 60 seconds. It will automatically detect files that might have been deleted or lost. You can also search your music and other document files.It will automatically create a backup of your files that allows you to your files from other devices.
  4. ThePhotoStick pops up with these following options that are “Options”,“View”, “Files” and “Help”.
  5. The moment you insert ThePhotoStick in your PC’s USB drive, in the next couple of seconds a window will appear. Make Sure you press “Go” to allow the device to function.
  6. ThePhotoStick then starts it’s scanning process on your hard drive, it is also capable of finding lost documents, photos and videos.

Benefits of Using ThePhotoStick

There are some cool benefits of using ThePhotoStick that I feel I must mention in this ThePhotoStick Review so that It’ll help you to figure out more about this device.

1. More Efficiency

You don’t need to manually sort those files yourself and spend your whole day managing them. With ThePhotoStick organizing and sorting out files, images and videos is really quick and fast.

2. Save Money

You don’t need to spend your money on cloud storage subscription. All you need to do is purchase ThePhotoStick that is a one time buy and be stress free about storage and access to those files.

3. No More Loss Of Files

No more stress and tension about losing files, photos or videos. A lot of time our systems crash down and we often lose our files. With ThePhotoStick you don’t need to worry about such situations because it’s thee to scan and save your files.

Pros And Cons Of Using ThePhotoStick

Let me mention the pros and cons of using ThePhotoStick so that it’ll give you a better picture about this gadget.

best for yourself.


  • Instant backup efficient functionality and simple to understand.
  • Anyone of any age can use this device. Even your parents can operate this device without any struggle.
  • ThePhotoStick is compatible on all kinds of devices.
  • Avoid spending money on cloud storage subscriptions
  • ThePhotoStick is capable of saving and scanning all sorts of files, images and videos in various formats.
  • ThePhotoStick is available in various sizes i.e from 8GB to 128GB
  • Can be also used to transfer files between computers
  • You don’t need to maintain an internet connection with ThePhotoStick.


  • ThePhotoStick can go out of stock anytime soon because it’s a really popular device. So don’t wait, order now!

How To Buy?

Click on the link to place your order now. Your ThePhotoStick will be delivered to your doorstep.

There are only a few pieces left, so I’ll suggest all the readers of this ThePhotoStick Review to purchase this amazing gadget as soon as possible.

Why Buy From Us?

You can purchase ThePhotoStick directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon.

There are some really cool offers running on this product, I suggest you to avail all of them now before it’s too late.

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All purchase orders above $50 can avail the benefit of free shipping in the USA as well as worldwide if you buy from their official manufacturer right now.

Where Can You Find Us?

We make sure that when you make a purchase, your buying experience stays top notch. No stress, only hassle-free shopping.

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Concluding Our ThePhotoStick Review

I feel ThePhotoStick is a must buy because it reduces a lot of stress of manually saving or scanning or deleting files, images and videos from your PC or computer. There are tons of benefits of having such a device with yourself. Just like me if you too face this issue of missing files, deleted files, lost files or deliberately deleting files just to get enough space left on your hard drive, then I must say that ThePhotoStick is best for you.

You save a lot of time, you don’t need to spend extra dollars on cloud storage and you get to access your files from anywhere because ThePhotoStick is portable and easy to operate. ThePhotoStick can be easily used by anyone of any age. You just need to plugin the device in your PC’s USB port and then a window will show up, just click ‘Go’ and let the magic happen automatically. ThePhotoStick does not require an internet connection therefore you can use or access your files from anywhere without the need of an internet connection.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ThePhotoStick compatible on all kinds of devices?

ThePhotoStick is compatible on Windows and Mac Operating Systems: Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
Mac: Mac OS X Version 10.7 and later.

2. Is it possible to manage music files and other document files with ThePhotoStick?

Definitely, ThePhotoStick can not only scan, save or detect images or video files but it can also work for music, audio or other document files in the similar way. It has been developed to cover all your storage needs.

3. What is a photo stick?

ThePhotoStick helps you to store all kinds of pictures, videos and other files without compromising them. With ThePhotoStick you can easily backup and save tons of pictures and videos on your smartphone or PC without any hassle or extra stress.

4. How many photos can you save on a ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick comes in three varieties: 8 GB Version, 64 GB Version, and 128 GB Version. The higher the number, the more pictures it can save. 8 GB can keep up to 3500 images and videos; the 64 GB Photo Stick saves 30,000 images and videos, while the 128 GB can save 60,000 images and videos.

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