Type S Wireless Solar Power Parking Sensor Review

Wireless Solar Power Parking Sensor

Today at Top Tech Gadgets Shop, we bring you our exclusive Type S Wireless Parking Sensor Review. We will discuss the key benefits, features and other things in detail. Know more about Type S Wireless Parking Sensor.

Do you own a car? Well then you must be aware of the problems related to parking. Cities, malls, offices have parking lots filled with cars.

Sometimes the spaces are so tight or less that it becomes a headache to park your car correctly. In case you don’t park your car then this action has added disadvantages like fines, car scratches or creating problems for someone else’s car.

Everyone is not a specialized driver or skilled enough to drive so precisely and park with ultimate accuracy. But mostly everyone suffers from the issue of parking primarily because of lack of parking space because your car doesn’t have eyes at the back of their tail light.

Therefore everyone, no matter how skilled they are with the wheels, suffer from the issue of bad parking. The manufacturers and developers of Type S Wireless Parking Sensor came with an idea to eliminate this problem from our lives.

They designed and developed this product to reduce the difficulty in parking that all drivers across the world face.

Driving is a difficult task and Type S Wireless Parking Sensor can enhance your car driving experience. This device prevents denting, scratching, accidents and unnecessary wrong parking fines.

We have seen many latest car models which come with pre-installed parking sensors but the major problem is that the existing cars don’t have such features. Now you won’t buy a new car just to have this feature, you need to get this in your current car.

This device named Type S Wireless Parking Sensor can help you out with this. It is a back view camera which can fit at the back of your car and can help you to monitor your car while parking. It comes with a very good sensor which is very effective.

The best part is that it can easily fit on your bike, car or truck too. It doesn’t matter whether you own a new car or an old model, this device will work on all types of models. Know more about Type S Wireless Parking Sensor in this Type S Wireless Parking Sensor Review.

What is Type S Wireless Parking Sensor?

Before we start with our Type S Wireless Parking Sensor Review, I think I need to highlight a few things about this device so that you get a clearer picture of this gadget.

The Type S Wireless Parking Sensor is a revolutionary device that is powered by solar power cells. Yes! It works on solar energy which is a great feature.

It generates audio signals as well as visuals for the driver so that his or her car is safe from any sort of accident or collision. It can work well on any type of road, any type of parking space, garage, shopping malls etc.

When you drive a car, you are automatically responsible for a lot of things. As a driver you are responsible for your car, your own safety, the safety of the people on the road or around you, the safety of other drivers with their respective cars.

Driving is a very responsible job. You are also responsible for the safety of your loved ones who are traveling with you in your car. Therefore one must take all the precautions to make sure that he or she maintains the utmost safety while driving.

This device named Type S Wireless Parking Sensor will help you. This device will help you automatically without putting in any efforts.

This device may sound very difficult to understand or use but the reality is opposite to what you think. All you need to do is to connect your smartphone with this device and you are good to go.

You need to put the sensor on the back of your car, on your car’s number plate. You can get the audio and visual feedback on your smartphone. This device can convert your simple smartphone into a high end car parking sensor device.

The Type S Wireless Parking Sensor is a very efficient device that works super fast because it comes with quick sensors that delivers instant alerts on your smartphone while you are on your driving seat.

It will give you alerts when your car approaches an object or a wall. By using this device you can ensure that your car is protected from any sort of damage.

At times some animals like dogs or cats may be behind your car and you won’t be able to see them, to prevent any damage to them you can easily use this device.

Also you use this device to ensure that small kids stay safe whenever they are around your car. Type S Wireless Parking Sensor will keep everyone safe just by keeping you alerted.


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Type S Wireless Parking Sensor Features

  1. Quick Audio & Visual Feedback – The sensor can detect objects from a distance of 0-4 ft. It will give you instant alerts and feedback on your smartphone via Type S App which is a free app on play store and app store.
  2. Can work on any car, truck or bike – To install this device you need to remove your number plate and fix the Type S sensor. Put your number back and then you are ready to go. It will fit on any car and the app will work on both iOS and android smartphones.
  3. Ensure Safety Of Your Loved Ones – Type S alerts you to objects (or people) that you might have missed, keeping passengers and passersby protected by more than just your sight!
  4. Works under all weather conditions – This device has a waterproof design that allows you to use this device in any location or in any kind of weather. It can work perfectly between 14ºF to 122ºF. This feature is very helpful especially when the visibility is low like during winters or heavy rain.
  5. Long lasting batteryType S Wireless Parking Sensor has a long-lasting battery that lasts for a long time, it has also the ability to recharge itself via solar energy. With it’s built-in G-Sensor Technology it will automatically turn on and will switch off after 30 minutes when the car is not in use.
  6. 1 Year Warranty – You don’t have to worry about the quality of the product because it comes with a full one-year warranty. Since the device can be used under all weathers, no matter how old or new your car is, this device will work perfectly.

How It Works? (Type S Wireless Parking Sensor)

This device is very simple to understand and use. Recently I gifted this device to my grandfather who still prefers to drive his own car.

Obviously, he’s not aware of all these tech gadgets but still he was able to install this device on his own.

It’s that simple! You just need 15-29 minutes to install this device and it will work perfectly.

  1. Fix your Type S Wireless Parking Sensor on your number plate with the help of a normal screwdriver. I would definitely advise you to attach two devices in your car. One in the front of your car on the number plate and the second at the back of your car.
  2. Install the free Type S Wireless Parking Sensor App on your smartphone and connect the sensor via bluetooth. Once you connect the phone to the sensor you will be able to get the alerts, audio and visual on your smartphone only.
  3. Once all this is done you are good to go. Get the benefits of worry-free driving because with this device you won’t have to worry about any accident, any difficulty while parking.


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How Much Time Will It Take To Install The Device?

It will take hardly 5-6 minutes to install this device on your car. You just need to fix the sensor on the number plate, install the free app from Google Play store or App store on your smartphone and then you are all set to use the device.

The device is very simple to understand and use. You don’t need to be a tech genius to use this device.

Where Can I Get One?

You can directly click on the link and visit their official website. The process of payment and order is quick, simple and fast.

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