UV Cooler Review – A Portable Cooler With The Coldest Breeze

UV Cooler Review

Today at Top Tech Gadgets Shop we will be discussing a very popular air cooler which goes by the name of “UV Cooler”.

Summers have arrived and it’s pretty hot out there. Every summer we look for an air conditioning device that can actually reduce the heat in the room and give you some sort of relief.

Many such devices are either very expensive or they aren’t that efficient. Some of them consume too much electricity and some of them are too bulky. There are a very few air coolers that can actually fill all our requirements.

One such air cooler is UV Cooler which is a small and compact air cooling device that can give you the coolest breeze of air in your room. It has been engineered in such a way that it outsmarts all the ordinary air coolers in the market.

The build and design is great which helps UV Cooler to give premium quality of air cooling. Unlike traditional air cooling machines, UV Cooler doesn’t take a lot of room space. UV Cooler not only delivers a cool breeze of air but it also helps in air purification. So it has multiple features.

The kind of service UV Cooler provides at such an affordable and pocket friendly price is unbelievable. We’ll highlight some of the amazing features this device can offer. Know more in our UV Cooler Review.


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How Does the UV Cooler Work?

UV Cooler is very easy to operate. It can be used by anyone in your house. Be it your elders or small kids. The device has a smooth installation process such that people like me, who aren’t tech geniuses, will be able to easily use the device.

UV Cooler is small in size and compact in shape. It is very lightweight yet the material is very durable. Once you receive the product, just plug it into a power source or power socket.

Once you connect it properly and switch it on, you’ll get the coolest, freshest and purest air from the UV Cooler outlet. It has been intentionally designed in such a way that it can deliver air cooling like an Air Conditioner yet be lightweight and compact. It is safe to use.

To install the UV Cooler you just need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Step 1 – Add ice or cold water.
  2. Step 2 – Plug the device into a power source or socket.
  3. Step 3 – Switch the UV Cooler on and in no time you get the coolest air flow in your room. It works amazingly well with cold water. The air flow is chilly cold.

What Is The Major Benefit Of Using UV Cooler

UV Cooler gives you a cold environment during the hot & humid summer days. It is a product that gives you relief from the hot summer heat. It can bring down the room temperature to as low as 5 degrees!

The process of air cooling is quick and instant. It hardly takes 30-40 seconds for an UV Cooler to deliver freezing cold air. The price at which UV Cooler comes is unbelievable, this product is a super hit! It not only gives you cold air flow during the day but it also gives you purified air cooling which is safe for your health.

Features Of UV Cooler

1. Portable And Compact

You can plug your UV Cooler via USB port. It’s lightweight and compact. It has been designed in such a way that it takes very less room space. The total weight of the cooler is just 2.2 pounds. You can carry the UV Cooler anywhere.

2. 100% Safe And 0% Freon

UV Cooler is environment friendly because it doesn’t use Freon. This makes it safe to use and efficient too.

3. Smooth And Silent

UV Cooler is very silent when you switch it on, you’ll notice very little noise even when it is running at full speed. You can use the cooler in your home while sleeping or office, the smooth functionality won’t disturb you.

4. Long Battery Life

Once you fully charge the battery, it can last upto 12 hours. Such a long battery life is very hard to find.

5. Leak Proof Built

While being small, compact and portable the UV Cooler has a leak proof material. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the floor after each and every use.

6. Reusable Filters and UV Sterilizer

UV Cooler comes with a silver-ions that helps in getting 99.9% disinfection. It also has UV sterilization that prevents harmful dust particles to enter your room through the air cooler. The filters are washable, anti-bacterial and removable.


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How To Buy The UV Cooler?

The official website has three different versions to choose from, and one is priced at 50% off;

Buy 1 UV Cooler at $89.95 at 50% Off
Buy 2 UV Coolers at $159.95 which means each costs you for $79.98.
Buy 3 UV Coolers at 199.95 which means each costs you for 66.65.

You can also purchase extra UV filters.

Concluding Our UV Cooler Review

For the people who are looking for an efficient air cooler which delivers you the coolest air at an affordable price then UV Cooler is just perfect for you. It is portable, compact, acts as an air purifier, lightweight and affordable too. You can carry this device anywhere, be it office, gym or college. This is the best option to beat the heat! Make your summers cool and pure with the UV Cooler.

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