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XOne Phone

Top Tech Gadgets Shop brings Xone Phone Review for all our readers. Before we get started with our Xone Phone, I’ll like to ask you a few questions.

“Are these expensive mobile brands even worth it? Are they worth the buy? Absolutely not!” Said the Tech expert.

Last month I attended the Annual Consumer Electronics Show, this gadget expo is an event that I always look up to.

“Honestly, they don’t last long enough as compared to the amount of money spent on them, it’s not worth the buy” He said.

Just like me you guys must have been in the same situation where you are too confused to choose the right smartphone for you. A few months ago I was on the same boat.

“It’s too expensive, it’s too outdated or it looks too old fashioned” These are the few doubts you might come across. Let’s clear all our doubts in this Xone Phone Review

Do You Feel Confused Before Buying A Smartphone?

Before we jump into our Xone Phone Review let me share a few things with you.

Yes! I do feel confused before buying a smartphone, this happens every time. Just like you because here’s the thing, there are hundreds of brands out there who are just busy competing among themselves.

All they do is make promises, promises and tons of promises to their customers. I went across so many reviews, I even asked my friends to suggest a phone.

They were either way too expensive or too poor in performance. I was looking for the perfect balance, a balance of performance and affordability in a smartphone.

Luckily my wife gifted me an Xone Phone which gave me a top-notch experience on my budget! It offers a premium quality at an affordable price.

I’ve been using this smartphone for a while and I personally feel that the Xone Phone stands apart from those over-expensive phones in the market.

Xone Phone has a great HD display, powerful Mediatek MT6739 system, dual camera and fingerprint scanner are some of its exceptional features. I would love to share my experience!


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What Makes ‘Xone Phone’ An Exceptional Smartphone?

So I have been using the Xone Phone for a while, I guess it has been a couple of months and I must tell you that I’m the kind of a person who loves social media, apps and latest trends.

I would consider myself as a heavy user.Over the period of time I have realised some of its brilliant features that I must highlight in this Xone Phone Review

This will give you a better picture. Some of its powerful features are –

Brilliant Display

The 720p HD+ Resolution to be exact comes with a great screen size that almost takes up the whole of the front panel. It gives a vivid HD full screen experience. Best viewing and gaming experience. No compromises made on that.

Great Memory

With Xone Phone you don’t need to worry about low storage. Xone Phone comes with 16GB storage and a memory card slot, in case you want more space you can extend it easily.

Premium design and built quality

Okay, this was something I didn’t expect at all. Even at this price I got a phone that looks so beautiful and vibrant. The feel is rich and premium. Really good material.

Smooth touch response

Xone Phone comes with a 5.7 inch HD+ Multi-Touch IPS Capacitive Screen with beautiful colours and crystal clear image. You can personalize the home screen as you wish.

Better safety with fingerprint and face recognition

Xone Phone has both the unlocking systems – fingerprint and Face recognition that increases the security and makes it convenient for you to unlock your phone.

Dual Sim

Yes it does support dual sim cards as it comes with a dual sim port in which you can put two different sim cards. I personally use one for mobile data and one for calling.


I feel Xone Phone is cost effective. I’ve seen the same phones in the market that cost up to a thousand dollars. The Xone Phone costs $398 only, such aggressive pricing is rare.

Fingerprint sensor

I love phones that have a fingerprint sensor to it because they add value to the phone. It looks great and enhances phone security. The response of the sensor is amazing, it’s really quick.

Power-packed battery life

Xone Phone has a 3350mAh Li-polymer battery that makes it a long-lasting phone. So no more frequent recharging and no more stress about low battery. The battery standby time is 290 hours or 12 days.

Xone Phone Camera

I believe at this aggressive pricing the kind of camera that you get is decent. Xone Phone has a 16mp rear camera and a 5mp front camera.

High performance

The face and fingerprint unlock provides top-notch levels of safety, you can extend memory up to 128GB. It has a Quad-core 1.3GHz processor that gives you an incredible performance, camera performance is also very impressive.

What Are The Special Features That Make Xone Phone Worth The Buy?

These are some of the features that I realised over the time, these features make Xone Phone worth the buy.

Very convenient to use

The user interface plays a huge role in the ease of operating the phone. Surfing, scrolling or navigating in between the apps is too smooth. The set-up and start-up of the phone is very basic and easy to understand.

Visual experience

The big 5.7inch Multi-Touch IPS capacitive screen is a visual treat. My gaming and movie watching experience has been great.

Lightning fast connection

Xone Phone is Wifi and GPS enabled phone. Bluetooth v4.00, 3G, and 4G LTE gives you a strong, constant and fast connection.

Android 8.1

You get the best version of Android which helps in better speed, app optimisation and better battery backup.

Technical Specifications Of Xone Phone

Xone Phone Technical Specifications
Sensors: Sensor G-sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, compass, fingerprint sensor.
Network: 4G bands: FDD-LTE 800 (B20) / 900 (B8) / 1800 (B3) / 2100 (B1) / 2600 (B7) MHz and the 3G bands: WCDMA 900 (B8) / 2100 (B1) MHz, 2G bands: GSM 850 (B5) / 900 (B8) / 1800 (B3) / 1900 (B2) MHz Type: WCDMA, GSM, FDD-LTE.
Taillight: Yes, double blinking LED
Camera function: Touch Focus
Aperture: F2.2 back, F 2.0 front
Video resolution: 1080p 30fps
Media Format – Audio: Audio: MP3, AAC, FLAC, AMR, AWB. Video: 3GP, MP4. Picture: PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG
Size and weight : Size: 149.2 x 72.2 x 9.65 mm. Weight: 171.5 g.


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Why Is The Xone Phone Better Than Other Alternatives? – Pros & Cons

Firstly, after my experience with the Xone Phone, I feel that the Xone Phone is a must buy device.

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Xone Phone is the perfect blend of all these things, it’s the best combination of performance and pricing that I have ever seen. Don’t wait, place your order now!


  • Affordable pricing with excellent features.
  • Top-notch display quality
  • The camera is reasonably good.
  • Long battery life.
  • Safety at its best with fingerprint and face recognition ID.
  • Xone Phone’s protective case is too good.


  • The worst part about the Xone Phone is that it is now low in stocks! It can get out of stock anytime.
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How To Buy

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Concluding Our Xone Phone Review

Will I recommend this phone? Definitely, no Doubt about it. As compared to ordinary smartphones in the market, Xone Phone stands out.

It outplays every other device at this price range. The features are jaw-dropping and the price is irresistible. It is definitely a deal to steal.

If you are looking to purchase a smartphone that will be worth the buy then it has to be Xone Phone.

Don’t pay for smartphones that are over expensive. Get a power-packed feature loaded smartphone – get Xone Phone now.



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Xone Phone seems cheap, does it affect its quality?

Not at all, this device is a premium quality, high end device that has been made affordable for customers so that they get the best smartphone at an affordable price.

2. How much difference is there in the cost of the phone after your exclusive discounts.

For all the readers of Xone Phone review, we’ve tried to give them the best offer possible. This smartphone can cost you twice or thrice the more but at Top Tech Gadgets we make sure that our readers get the best deals.

3. How can the Xone Phone be so cost effective?

The company doesn’t focus on advertisements. They don’t spend millions of dollars on huge advertisements, they treat their reviews as a form of word of mouth advertising. Cutting costs on advertisements makes this device so affordable for customers.

4. Is this device legit? Is it reliable?

Yes, this smartphone is 100% safe to use. It is an authentic product, totally reliable.

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